2015-2016 Season Guest Artists

Morgan McEwen
Morgan McEwen2016 Nutcracker Guest Artist
New York City native Morgan Claire McEwen has danced professionally with Richmond Ballet, BalletMet in Columbus, OH, and the Metropolitan Opera in New York, NY. She has also performed on Broadway and worked extensively across the country as a guest artist. Ms. McEwen founded contemporary ballet company, MorDance, in January 2013 and serves as the director and resident choreographer.
Brian Gephart
Brian Gephart2016 Nutcracker Guest Artist
Originally from Kernersville, North Carolina, Brian received his formal training at the North Carolina School of the Arts (now University of NCSA). He has danced with Houston Ballet II, the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago and the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Brian now lives in New York City where as a freelance performer, choreographer and instructor, where he has had the pleasure of dancing with Mordance, Barak Ballet, MenLowe Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera.
Marlon Grigsby
Marlon Grigsby2016 Nutcracker Guest Artist
Marlon Grigsby is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, where he began his dance training at the Dancers’ Workshop. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University, where he performed and choreographed for the LSU Dance Ensemble. He danced with the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, Of Moving Colors Dance, and Movement Workshop Group (NYC) in Racine D’or. He is currently in his second season with Uptown Dance Company of Houston, TX.

2016 – 2017 Company

Grace Asevedo
Grace Asevedo2016 - 2017 Company
Emma Camille Barbin
Emma Camille Barbin2016 - 2017 Company
Mary Grace Beck
Mary Grace Beck2016 - 2017 Company
Claire Broyles
Claire Broyles2016 - 2017 Company
Molly Connor
Molly Connor2016 - 2017 Company
Estelle Crawford
Estelle Crawford2016 - 2017 Company
Elizabeth Donner
Elizabeth Donner 2016 - 2017 Company
Delaney Dufrene
Delaney Dufrene2016 - 2017 Company
Celia Fishbein
Celia Fishbein2016 - 2017 Company
Natalie Gaspard
Natalie Gaspard2016 - 2017 Company
Kelsie Guzik
Kelsie Guzik 2016 - 2017 Company
Teddy Helouin
Teddy Helouin 2016 - 2017 Company
Mary Beth Maddox
Mary Beth Maddox2016 - 2017 Company
Brittany Nettles
Brittany Nettles2016 - 2017 Company
Caroline Petty
Caroline Petty2016 - 2017 Company
Elise Saloom
Elise Saloom2016 - 2017 Company
Eryn Short
Eryn Short2016 - 2017 Company
Renee Stelzer
Renee Stelzer2016 - 2017 Company
Claire White
Claire White 2016 - 2017 Company

2016 – 2017 Apprentices

Jada Alfred
Jada Alfred2016 - 2017 Apprentice
Rashawn Bowie
Rashawn Bowie2016 - 2017 Apprentice
Morgan Gallegos
Morgan Gallegos2016 - 2017 Apprentice
Riley Richard
Riley Richard2016 - 2017 Apprentice
Anna Pousson2016 - 2017 Apprentice