A new community engagement program going into the schools!

Dance really is for EVERY BODY.

We are very pleased to introduce a new community engagement program that Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre is creating to bring dance directly to the schools.  “Ballet for Every Body”, with professional and student-level dancers, will communicate to students that dance is something that all body shapes and sizes can enjoy!  Everyone moves differently in dance and we will show you how different styles of movement are all beautiful, communicating so much without saying a word!  Through this message of inclusivity, our goal is to make everyone feel welcome in the dance community.  

For more information or to inquire about scheduling for next school year, please call 225-766-8379 or email christine@batonrougeballet.org.

This organization has received support from the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, Gaudet Fund, Walmart Stores #5327 and #6527, and a generous anonymous donor.  Thank you so much!