The Nutcracker Scholarship

Funded by Clara’s Closet

Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre is happy to once again offer the Nutcracker Scholarship program to alleviate some of the costs associated with participating in The Nutcracker – A Tale from the Bayou.  

We believe dance is a gift that should be accessible for everyone. We have seen first-hand and experienced the impact that dance can have on an individual’s life. Therefore, we do not want financial hardship to prohibit aspiring dancers from participating in the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s annual production of The Nutcracker: A Tale from the Bayou.
The scholarship covers the following Nutcracker expenses: Rehearsal Fee and two tickets for the family to attend the performance.  Costume requirements and optional purchases must be met by the dancer’s family.
Please note: All scholarship applicants must attend the children’s audition on September 17th and application are due no later than September 25th.  Only one scholarship application is needed per family. Scholarships are awarded based on our sole opinion and discretion. There are many factors which may affect the availability of scholarships. Not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be notified with their Nutcracker acceptance letter. By submitting this scholarship application, you agree to any and all publicity and recognition associated with receipt of this scholarship.
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